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Day 2   Saturday Nov 9, 2019
1:30 - 3:30pm
Specialty Session 02 – Knowledge Translation

SS02 – Knowledge Translation: Strategies for Putting Evidence into Practice



At last year’s CAPWHN Conference, members identified ‘knowledge translation’ (KT) as a priority issue. This KT session will explore the issue of a timeless predicament – change for an evidence informed practice. Participants will engage in active discussions on specific practices relevant to them in their settings. Models for KT will be used to recognize the steps needed when nurses aim to challenge and change the status quo. Participant experience and research findings will be used to identify barriers and facilitators to evidence uptake where evidence informed practice can become the new normal.


Learning Objectives:

1. To expose and discuss practices in participants’ experience that may not be informed by evidence;

2. To explore the concept and steps in knowledge translation based on theory and on practices identified by participants;

3. To engage in active discussion exploring how intra- and inter-professional partners can work together to embrace evidence informed practice.



Janet Rush, RN, PhD, Consultant, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Erna Snelgrove-Clarke, RN, PhD, Vice-Dean (Health Sciences), Director of the School of Nursing, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada

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