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Day 1   Friday Nov 8, 2019
9:40 - 10:40am
Seminar: Concurrent Session A01 – Labour and Birth

A01-a What To Do When Your Patient’s Labour Stops Progressing? A Practical Guide on Labour Dystocia


The purpose of this integrative review is to provide a clinical guide for nurses and health care professionals regarding interventions during labour dystocia.


Learning Objectives:

1. To describe the new guidelines on diagnosis of labour dystocia.

2. To select different non-pharmacological strategies in the case of labour dystocia.



Emilie Rioux, RN, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, QC, Canada



A01-b Improving Outcomes Through the Lens of Normal Physiologic Labour and Birth


This presentation will highlight the importance of approaching perinatal nursing care through a lens of the normal physiology, by exploring the current evidence surrounding the key hormones of labour and birth. Additionally, specific nursing care, through a lens of hormonal physiology, will be explored that will lead to more healthy, safe and satisfying births for mothers and infants.


Learning Objectives:

1. Define perinatal nursing care that is rooted in the hormonal physiology of labour and birth.

2. Describe the roles of oxytocin, catecholamines, and beta endorphins throughout labour and birth.

3. Describe at least 3 strategies that can be implemented into perinatal nursing practice that will promote, protect and support normal physiologic labour and birth.



Amanda Kelloway, RN, BScN, IBCLC, LCCE, Faculty, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BC, Canada



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