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Day 2   Saturday Nov 9, 2019
4:45 - 5:45pm
Concurrent Session E05 – Transition Home

E05-a Evaluation of a Home Phototherapy Program



The purpose of the presentation is to describe the evaluation of a tertiary maternity care hospital's home phototherapy program over the past 10 years.


Learning Objectives:

1. Apply established concepts in detection, management and prevention to a hospital based home phototherapy program.

2. Identify key requirements and considerations for establishing a home phototherapy program.

3. Describe and discuss the evaluation of an established home phototherapy program.



Melanie Basso, RN, BSN, MSN, PNC(C), Senior Practice Leader-Perinatal, BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cheryl Philips, RN, BScN, Clinical Application Specialist, BOMImed, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


E05-b Examining Maternal and Infant Sleep Quality and Maternal Emotions



The purpose of this study is to

1. establish the proportions of mothers who experience anger and concurrent anger and depressive symptoms, and

2. examine the relationships between maternal and infant sleep quality, maternal thoughts about infant sleep, social support, depressive symptoms and anger in the second half of the postnatal year.


Learning Objectives:

Following this session, participants will be able to:

1. Identify anger as a common but under-recognized postnatal mood disturbance.

2. Describe associations between poor sleep quality, anger, and depression.

3. Identify potential improvements in maternal mental health through attention to maternal sleep.



Christine Ou, Doctoral Student, University of British Columbia, Vanacouver, BC, Canada



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