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Day 1   Friday Nov 8, 2019
8:30 - 9:30am
Presentation: Opening Keynote – Self-Compassion as a Way of Being

Opening Keynote – Self-Compassion as a Way of Being

Rising strong. Wake up! Listen. Learn.

Transitions are never easy. Whether planned or unplanned, adapting to a new way of living and being is an inward journey of hard work. As caregivers, we live and work in a world where extending compassion to others comes naturally and easily. However our self-compassion practice often takes a back seat leading to a range of problems including burn-out, 'empathy fatigue' , illness, loneliness and emotional numbing. So what is the key to practicing self-compassion while navigating through a series of unplanned transitions? There is no magic bullet. It is a long, inward journey of deep discovery, curiosity, honesty, healing and vulnerability. It requires shedding the dense layers that seemingly protect us, face the fears and welcome every emotion that arrives at the doorstep. It requires waking up, listening and learning to elevate consciousness and master the mind. This presentation will share the journey of the path inward to a Truer You!

Learning objectives:

By the end of the session, participants will:

1. Identify key elements of self-compassion.

2. Recognize similar patterns in their own journey of self-compassion.

3. Practice ways to settle the mind and elevate consciousness in service of healing.


Dori Howard, Founder, Facilitator, Executive Coach and Retreat Specialist, Enso Coaching and Consulting Corporation, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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