Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Protection of Personal Information Obtained
By the Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses (“CAPWHN”) Website

Privacy Statement
The Canadian Association of Perinatal and Women’s Health Nurses (CAPWHN) is committed to providing users with a website that respects their privacy. All personal information collected on members/non-members is protected under the federal Privacy Act.

The following is an explanation of the information gathering and dissemination practices on our website:

Member Information
The website does not automatically gather any personal information from users, such as name, phone number, etc. This type of contact information is only obtained when it is voluntarily provided by way of an online membership application form or a conference/event registration form.

Some registration forms on this website may require users to provide contact or demographic information for statistical purposes and tracking unique identifiers (for use as part of member record or conference participant to verify user identity).

Order Forms
Although there is no order form at this time other than the membership form, contact information from registration/order forms would be used to ship purchases to CAPWHN members/non members. This information may also be used to contact the customer about other products and services.

CAPWHN conducts on-line surveys periodically to collect data on customer satisfaction and other subjects. Our on-line surveys ask for contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses) for the purpose of contacting survey respondents when necessary.

We may host draws/contests on our website. Contest participants may be asked to provide contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses) For the purposes of communicating with the participants regarding the draw/contest.

Involuntary Data
Web browsers connecting to web servers routinely reveal the IP address of the users. CAPWHN uses IP addresses to help diagnose server problems and to administrates our website.

If you have security issue, please remove the cookie from your browser once you’ve completed your browsing on our website.

We accept advertisements from outside organizations on our website. These advertisements may contain cookies. If you visit the website of the advertiser, CAPWHN is not responsible for cookies collected by our advertisers.

Our website contains links to other websites. CAPWHN is not responsible for the activities and practices of those organizations.

The forums section of our website promotes discussion among our members only. Please remember that information disclosed in our forums is shared by other members. Please exercise caution when disclosing personal information.

This site has security measures in place to protect loss, misuse and alteration of information under its control. CAPWHN takes all necessary precautions to safeguard customer information stored electronically. In all cases, information is retained in secure facilities, protected from unauthorized access and is kept only as long as is reasonably and legally required. Our electronic files are backed up for redundancy, password protected and accessible only by authorized employees, on a need-to-know basis.

We use encryption techniques to transmit personal data to prevent the risk of this information being intercepted and read by a third party. These encryption techniques ensure the highest level of security currently available in North America.

Please contact the Executive Director at HYPERLINK "" or by calling (613) 730-4192 ext 266 for any questions regarding the CAPWHN Privacy Policy.
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